Jar of Stars  (2021)
TRT: 5:17 - Animated in Toon Boom Harmony and After Effects.
adam.  (2015)
TRT: 1:00 - Animated in Adobe After Effects.

!st Place Animation category in the 2015 Southwest University Ysleta Film Festival.

Porter Robinson - Shelter (Fan Made Music Video)
(2017) - TRT: 2:02) - Animated in Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Created in my Senior year of high school.

Various Animation Exercises (2018)
Animated in Toon Boom Harmony

Run Cycle

Anticipation Practice

Cry Cycle

Custom Walk Cycle

Drum Cycle

Laugh Cycle

Pitch Cycle

Cloth Physics Test

Tail Physics Test

3 Take Cycles

Custom Walk Cycle

Run Cycle

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