The Farmer (teaser)
Teaser for a feature film that was part of a successfully crowdfunded campaign. Edited in Davinci Resolve.

2019 - TRT: 0:52

Does Your Heart Break? (2019)
Edited in Davinci Resolve.
This Care of Mine (2019)
Edited in Davinci Resolve.
Film Las Cruces Studios Commercial
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

2019 - TRT: 1:10

YouTube Gaming Edits
Highlights, trailers, and recaps edited for a Twitch streamer in Davinci Resolve.
Short Film Edits
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Potlove (2018)
(TRT: 5:41)

 2019 Film Four Corners Festival and 2020 Las Cruces International Film Festival official selections.

 The Walk (2018)
(TRT: 5:23)
Make Your Move (2018)
(TRT: 4:22)
Side Effects Include (2018)
(TRT: 5:30)
Music Video Editing Projects
The Maine - black butterfiles & deja vu
Fan made music video edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

2018 - (TRT: 3:24)

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